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Prop Maker

A game wheel and a chain for Sal. Laser cut the logo, gold leafed

and jewelled with nail jewels. The wheels

made from ply and

imaged printed.

FEFU and Friends BSA
Prop Maker

Giant organza Passion flowers designed

by Aldo Vazquez.

Made from organza, wire, paper and wool.

Flown from the rig to hold them up in place.

Tidal Tales
Prop Maker

A series of props made from scrap fabric/clothes I had around.

Designed by Matthew Cassar.

A giant corn made from rope, two head pieces of rabbits that could also bend into elephant ears and  dog ears, a bamboo elephant trunk, and a moon umbrella.

Catasrophe Bay BOVTS
Prop Making Supervisor

Designed by Matthew Cassar.

From massive groynes seconding as little

laser cut houses to make fish. A musical set in a little town in Cornwall. 

Macbeth &
Romeo and Juliet BOVTS
Prop Maker

Macbeth - Designed by Choy-ping Clarke-Ng.

Banquos ghost as a roast boar made from plasterzote

and shammy leather, head and thumb moulded from

latex and silicon.

Romeo and Juliet - Designed by Aldo Vazquez

    Masks made from warbla and gold sticky-back and

wire with tulle

Nativity BOVTS
Prop Making Supervisor

Designed by Meriel Pym.

Inspired by bike workshops we made angel wings

out of bike wheels and rucksacks covered in fairy lights for the added festive touch

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