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A one person puppet of a neon pink furry creature. Wooden mech legs controlled by one hand and td controlled by the other hand. Head made from Worbla and body and neck from plasterzote.
just a fun little project.
Puppet Make

A three day shoot for Cybermaniac shoot of learning tutorials for the company. On this shoot I looked after all the puppets and props, dressing and prepping everything for the next scene and helping the puppeteers with anything they needed.

Puppet Maintainece
Winnie the Pooh UK & Ireland Tour
Puppet Wrangler

While on tour I looked after these wonderful characters 

Patching up fur, cleaning them and making them show

ready and meet and greet ready.

  Helping the puppeteers in and out of puppets before and        during the show as well as getting mucked in during get ins and outs and running an ASM track.

Cinderella HMT
Puppet Maker

Cinderella's Carridge made from wire, willow, ply, pvc pipe and paper. Based off of festival lanterns designed by Elly Wdowski for Hope Mill Theatre's Christmas show. 

The Book Thief
Puppet Making Assistant 

Working with Sam Wilde to create these

puppets in the early days of designing for the production of The Book Thief. 

       Made from a leather paper and old paper from books and obviously cardboard.

Puppet Making Assistant

Fractual the alien from mars made for a children's show touring to schools. Made in Nick Barnes' workshop. Along other great makers I constructed the body for this little guy and made and painted their shell.

No Strings
Puppet Maker

A hand and rod puppet made for a film shoot made to resemble the main actress as her alta ego. Made from foam and fleece then the hair made of three different wools. Inspired by Liley Allen's past fashion.

Sammy and the Seamorgans & The Pied Piper BOVTS
Puppet Maker

Sammy - Designed by Fiona McKeon for a children's show made from scraps and things you would find washed ashore, designed with sustainability in mind.

              Piper - Designed by Tish Mantripp for a childrens

                    show on zoom. Three rats made from scrap

fabrics, ply and wworbla.

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